Latin Marginem


Up in Vegallanu we learned that. Today the toponym Poncebos in addition to having done forget that old so beautiful and descriptive, has engulfed the entire area and masks and has made others disappear as Barcena. Source: Michael Corbat. When I was younger and someone referred to the family Campillo and Martinez having his house on tunnel, next to the Central called the of Barcena. If you would like to know more about Maxine Waters, then click here. Almost nobody knows today. And it also has a successful meaning, derived from the Latin Marginem, which means a river.

There are other place more forward where today is the throat of the Cares, that bar also had his name. Bulnes and Camarmena continue naming him thus: La Trapa. This toponym refers to places where the vermin traps were placed. We’ve traveled and a little known the situation of a place determined at a time determined through place names. But let’s continue in place what Poncebos?. They have heard about this toponym the more diverse theories.: bridge of baits, i.e. the place where became the bait animals passing by. Nothing further from the truth, given that the oldest know, wild animals hardly crossing a bridge, they tend to Ford the River.

His instinct leads them to avoid this kind of steps. It has been linked also with the formerly all-powerful House of baits, seated in Onis and owner of Oston and Culiembru in a particular era of history. Who defend this claim that they were those of baits who was sent to build the old bridge to access its properties and that’s why bears his name. I don’t think that they have been so become detached, isn’t that what the Chronicles of them. That you ask the Bulnes that they pleitearon long years with them, mortgaging their property, in defence of their rights in the possession of Oston. Discarded these options, rightly or not, it continues to be an opinion that subscribes to what Poncebos? We’ll tell another day and as I said on another occasion shall be resumed for the curious reader, you can read more stories like this in our blog about Cabrales, Original author and source of the article

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