Latter Roofing


The oldest method of laying roofing carpet – is a way of continuous attaching a roll material to the base. In some cases it is expedient to lay roofing materials, using the so-called partial gluing. This excludes the conditions for the emergence of excess pressure due to the formation between the top and bottom of the air gap communicating with the outside air along the contour of the roof or through a special exhaust deflectors. Roofs made this way are called 'breathe'. The use of 'breathing' roof not only prevents blistering, but also helps to remove moisture from the base material (about 1 kg per square meters. Over the summer). Number of removed moisture can be increased by a fixed section air gap due to posypok applied to rolled material in its manufacture. When 'breathing' roof completely eliminated it breaks over the joints and cracks reason, since the latter strain is not transmitted roof membrane.

The disadvantage of 'breathing' roof is the difficulty of determining the place of a leak. If the roof membrane rupture appeared, where the water enters, it will be spread over all the air sinuses, and finding a loose seam in the basis, fall into the interior of the building. The appearance of a leak in the ceiling would not mean that the roof is damaged carpet over this place and find the actual leak is not easy. 'Breathing' roof is necessary for restoration of old roofing, as in the old asphalt carpet, as a rule, there is always moisture, which should enable the output.

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