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Lexmark Cartridges at Artieda 2011

Lexmark Cartridges


In Canon ink cartridges are retained within the tank with a sponge, so that the total leak they did not need. Cartridges of type BC-20 refuel through the side vent. For this, a little hole to extend the to introduce a needle into it and upload the ink. That's it. By the way, do not forget, impossible to seal the hole. Refuel their cartridges are a bit more complicated type BC-21 and BCI-21. First you need to seal the tape outlet. Then cut with a knife the top cover.

Under it you will find filling the holes. In turn is injected into each ink by dipping the needle to the middle of the cartridge (not completely!). Just do not mix paints – filler hole of each color is smoothly over the outlet of the same color. It now remains only to fix the lid in place, having wound its scotch. Most importantly – do not accidentally glue the vent holes. Incidentally, there is another way of refilling cartridges these types. At the bottom of each cartridge has a special fibrous membrane. Slowly enough to drip on her ink, which will be absorbed.

True, this method of charging can be introduced into the cartridge too much ink, and they are translated through the vents. Cartridge, it does not hurt, but you certainly soil all over. Lexmark Cartridge refill reservoirs of these cartridges are combined with the printheads. Ink is retained within the expense sponge. The process of refilling cartridges Lexmark similar to the process cartridge refilling Canon and just as safe for your printer – if it fails the cartridge is discarded, and bought a new one. In the process of filling to start to expand vent, then put in him the needle to the middle and slowly pumped out of ink. In the color cartridges need to remove the top cover and using a syringe to introduce paint into three sections. Then attach the cover place and everything. Conclusions As you can see, refill cartridge for an inkjet printer is not as difficult as it may seem. The main thing – be careful and safety regulations. I think you understand that the ink for ink-jet printer have a simply stunning coloring power. Therefore, the entire process of filling is best done in the bathroom. Better safe, as you know, sorry. And finally I want to warn you that not every gas station will be successful: the cartridge is usually enough for 2-3 refueling, but sometimes it can 'cover' and after the first. But do not grieve. Remember, a little practice and you'll look at without fear slowly creeping up the numbers on the price tags brand cartridges.

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