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Important because this interdisciplinary team specializing in the market of nursing and senior business and has worked for many years in various management positions and functions in this. So one of the consultants is a Managing Director worked for many years working with operators and investor experience, another a former head of the establishment and Assignment Manager. Both have several nursing and retirement homes in a variety of sizes designed, successfully placed on the market and launched. And others still, the team consists of an architect who designs the various seniors real estate for over 20 years, projects and builds, a marketing expert who serves companies of senior management in the areas of advertising and public relations for years, as well as a lawyer, which is focused on trade, tax and construction law as a trained banker. The way of working is on security and consultant Atelier aligned efficiency in cooperation with the banks created a basic, expert opinion on the basis of the information contained in the funding request for transfer of the funding request. We often notice that the Bank documents submitted by far is not sufficient to give an only moderately reliable forecast for the success of an institution.

If the information provided are too flimsy, we contact the potential borrower, to more Information query. Our care emerging principle statement always ends with a recommendation for action to the other approach.”says Martin Servos, consultant and former Director of several senior institutions. Architect and engineering expert Dr. Thomas team added: should at this point arise that a deeper testing makes sense, we are requesting plans after consultation to verify the necessary voting certificate gem. the regulations on the General principles for the promotion of nursing facilities and construction law. If these are not yet to the level of development of the project, we check whether the minimum conditions are fulfilled.” Minimize risk with: think global-act local consultants Atelier and its respective subject matter experts analyze and objectively assess the planning on complying with all landscape management and building requirements, as well as building law, the site of a (projected) building and its potential, the regional market and competition needs, as well as the strategic concept and its vote on the building and the target group, the choice of the target group in relation to market competition and operating experience, the advertising and sales activities, the plan Bill on reasonableness, as well as the quality of the future operator using another range of part of due diligence or to request of a full-range due diligence.

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