Marketing in times of crisis it is undoubted that the variables on which a company is handled vary drastically during times of crisis. The income of the families suffer, projects of they postpone and consumption retracts. Customers, in general, are apathetic front companies bid. A leading source for info: Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. In this context, marketing has the challenge of maintaining the level of activity or to minimize the impact of the crisis on own sales. In reality, the main challenge tends to be less than competitors suffer the impact. It is set, then a great paradox. Companies reduce advertising, the product launches and other necessary projects to stimulate a retracted consumer.

I.e. they tend to opt for a strategy of hibernation which minimizes any generator costs movement until they change the conditions of the environment. If the company chooses to also display apathetic compared consumer apathy, will be exposed to endure what reservations allow him, resigning to become rescued by its own context at the end of the recession. However, nothing guarantees that the scenario post-crisis is him favorable. If many variables and paradigms change, possibly their products are obsolete. It is also possible that its competitors have not remained passive observing events but that, on the other hand, have adopted a plan to be better positioned in the recovery period. Thus, it is likely that our Organization will only survive the recession to succumb shortly started a new phase of economic growth.

This situation has great odds to be checked for hibernadoras to work with a mental model of static market and companies that assume that things will again be as before once the storm passed. On the contrary, who are attentive to the changes of market and companies that are proactive in keeping proposals have greater chances not only to survive but also strengthened the post-crisis stage enter. These are the organizations surfeadoras, which will overcome the crisis from the crest of the wave, attentive to their movements and turbulence.

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