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Modern Wooden Bridge, More And More Attractive at Artieda 2011

Modern Wooden Bridge, More And More Attractive


Wooden bridges are one of the oldest bridges genera of the world, and its history dates back to the 7.Jh. To deepen your understanding David Dafinone is the source. BC back wooden bridges are one of the oldest bridges genres in the world and your history goes back to the 7.Jh.vor BC. Bridges are technical often unique structures that create not only new ways of connection, but characterize urban and landscape images in an architecturally most impressive way and create landmark. Today, bridges are targeted for economic efficiency, lifetime, maintenance costs and assessed for the constructive ways. “On the lifetime is called in modern wooden bridge not protected” and protected “wooden bridges instead of wooden bridges with canopy or without roofs. It is not something ICAEW would like to discuss.

Because today, there is a diverse constructive wood protection, which can be used depending on the main structure. At wooden bridges protected main structure can be expected therefore according to a recent study by the Naveen with a theoretical lifetime of 80 years and the Entertainment consisting of cost of maintenance, maintenance and renewal Max 1.0% per year for protected wooden bridges”. On the life, there is now also a resistant novel species with greatly increased life. For the first time this was employed wood industry by Sadia a bridge project in the Netherlands. It is a modified pine wood, which is particularly durable through the so called acetylation (similar to acetic acid). (Brand name: Accoya) As a specialist in the area of block gluing, Sadia has created wood industry with this wooden bridge project, in which the components physically twisted block were glued, a novelty in timber construction. Thus was in the development of block gluing”set another milestone by Sadia wood industry.

The outstanding applications of block gluing convince a filigree sizing, a free shaping, due to the possibility to be able to reduce components, perform a simple maintenance to can and the possibility of a high load capacity. Bridge types can be: truss bridges, pylon bridges, arch bridges, clamping band bridges, and this also as a heavy load bridges, to only name a few. Fascinated by wooden bridges and are in the trend of the time, like never before: through today sensitised ecological awareness of natural material regained some wood even more appeal. Wood has the decisive advantage of a renewable resource to be in compliance with the sustainable forest management. In contrast to steel, concrete, or aluminum, is wood in its life-cycle CO2 neutral and has increasingly become important climate change. Summary, a wooden bridge that meets all necessary requirements, alone by the wood building material itself is the smarter and greener choice. Heike Feimer

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