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Moneybookers at Artieda 2011



Electronic money is an encrypted set of characters, replaces the familiar to us banking unit. To manage electronic accounts have been created various electronic payment systems, including most popular in Russia RUpay, Yandex, Web Money and z-payment. In foreign countries, the most common payment systems are Moneybookers, PayPal, e-Gold. For more information see this site: Cisco. Electronic currency have several advantages over conventional money: As the first advantage should highlight what to do the translation does not need to wait a long time (in the case of the usual exchange is approximately three banking days), any transactions take place immediately, although, where are the sender and receiver of funds. The second advantage is that the operations money is absolutely anonymous. No one can get information on the status of your accounts, to whom and when you transfer the money and much more. Without your consent, sometimes not even know your name and fimiliyu that protects from blackmail, fraud, threats.

Enjoyable moment is the fact that in order to take full advantage of electronic money, you do not even have to move away from the computer. You can instantly make a translation, account top-up mobile phone and make a lot of other operations without leaving your easy chair. Fourth, fake electronic money is almost impossible, which reduces the chances of becoming a victim of counterfeiters to zero. Encrypted codes have such a high degree of protection that is easier to steal than to fake, however, do not steal them so simple. As practice shows, robbed most people simply do not perform basic security requirements for that in the end and paid the price. Confirms the value of virtual money and what exchange electronic currency for real money very easily. For example, the output webmoney can be achieved through specialized exchange offices. They also allow us to perform the exchange z-payment by webmoney or any other electronic currency. Outside help will not needed at all, if you go to transfer your savings from one currency to another. This is elementary, just a few mouse clicks. To summarize, I will say that one can not deny the fact that electronic money is a full-fledged alternative to the traditional money supply and, moreover, in many respects even have priemuschesta.

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