Moscow Houses


Everyone knows that Moscow was burnt during the invasion of the French, but who knows what is burned in it, except for houses and property of citizens? Moscow rebuilt for show, to fame, became a magnificent and at the same time sad, boring, though the internal light, this light-hearted gaiety of spirit poured out and left a heart in the dark. What did he do there? Sits there not a word. Why is that? Because, except for buildings and property in Moscow stung the old houses. af Veltman "Not a house, and >> Alexey Discard, however, the conventions Alex Bystrov, or simply Lesch was born in Moscow in the last century of the last millennium Was born, went to kindergarten, in school, graduated from Aviation Institute, designed the space shuttle, married, fathered two children (girls and boys), and suddenly at the beginning of the new millennium, it becomes member of the Union of Russian Artists. However, the fact of the case: in the life "suddenly>> does not happen. It so happened that a seemingly innocent hobby carving on which good-naturedly laughed classmates and schoolmates, inscrutable ways has led Alexei to the easel, and painting, each artist, this attempt to breathe life into inanimate matter, was the affair of his life. On the creative "account>> Alexei Bystrov several solo exhibitions, a monument to the actor Anatoly Solonitsyn (Andrei Rublev Andrei Tarkovsky film "The Passion of Andrei>>), a trip to India to Mahatma, a fantastic series of paintings" The images of other worlds> and five editions of calendars Moskva our childhood>> riddled aching tenderness to his hometown, now resembles a landscape after battle

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