Ognehozhdenie – It Can Each !


The practice of walking on burning coals has an ancient history. Walk across the coals can on all continents. This is yoga in India, Native Americans, Buddhists in China and Japan, the natives of Asia, Africa, Australia and nestinar in Bulgaria. Our ancestors – the Slavs – have used such practices to purify the soul and enhance the strength of spirit. In many religions there are rites of fire initiation. Thus, in prayer to the Holy Archdeacon Laurentia praised his "Crowned prehozhdenie through burning coals from the darkness of this world to the light unfading throne greatness of God." What is a ognehozhdenie? Scientists tried to explain the secret of "Focus" brief contact feet to the fire and low thermal conductivity of coal, or simply the fact that the coals are not "hot." One thing is clear: what could easily demonstrate professional ognehodets, was unavailable to the uninitiated that on the coals will inevitably would have received burns. Indeed, accurate measurements of the temperature on the fire "dance floors" showed the temperature to 600 C. What is the secret ognehodtsev? It turns out that walking on hot coals and everyone can, but after special training, providing entry rights in "altered states of consciousness", such as trance or hypnosis. At the highest level – the altered state of awareness, when people are fully aware of what is happening and to direct the energy element fire on a planetary group work. The easiest way to protect against fire – a set of energy due to intense respiration.

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