Park Palace


Elite housing must have a high level of security, including a 24-hour professional security, system CCTV, access control, in the lobby and in the area. The important role played by the reputation of the builder. Contractor, is usually the well-known foreign company. Interior space is also of great importance and must correspond to the status of home owners. Means spacious rooms with entrances for visitors, rooms for servants and drivers, finishing with exclusive materials, exploitation of applied and fine arts. The number of apartments is 50, but subject to all other requirements may be more apartments, but no more than 100 (Eg, object "Park Palace"). For modern luxury complexes characterized by a well-developed commercial infrastructure, fitness and entertainment centers, restaurants, galleries, offices no less than business class.

Otherwise, object can be competitive. Service tenants luxury homes must be at the highest level, down to room-service (booking tickets, meals, taxi from reception). With regard to the requirements of the country real estate customers are as follows: the size of houses – from 400 square feet. m, an average of 700-1000 square meters. m plot size of 20 acres, an average of 30-40 acres, complete landscape design, high-level security, the social composition of a single neighborhood. Criteria for gentrification emerged recently. 5-6 years ago the requirements for elite housing was somewhat easier, since there was practically no houses (with respect to the city, for example) that somehow consistent with the above parameters. The main requirements of customers to the elite housing at the time were: the location of homes, quality construction and materials, trim level, the functionality of the apartment, memorable facade.

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