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Although great part of the artistic production continues being done as expression of national traditions (plastic music, arts, literature) remaining as source of the imaginary one national, a sector exists each time more extensive of creation, diffusion and perception of the arts that if carries through in desterritorializado way, cosmopolita and virtual. (YOUNG CHICKEN, 2004). We are, therefore, in a new universe, that some theoreticians comes calling of cibercultura, (LEVY, 1999): the virtual universe that it is developed from the Internet and of ciberespao. One is about a new reality, the virtual reality. Ciberespao can be, therefore, considered as a virtualizao of the reality, a migration of the real world for a world of virtual interactions. The desterritorializao, exit of ‘ ‘ agora’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ isto’ ‘ she is one of the regal ways of the virtualizao, for transforming the coercion of the time and the space into a contingent 0 variable. This migration in direction to the one new space-temporality establishes a virtual social reality, that, pparently, keeping the same structures of the real society, it does not possess, necessarily, total correspondence with this, possessing its proper codes and structures.

The emergency of the cibercultura provokes a radical change in the imaginary human being, transforming the nature of the relations of the men with the technology and between itself. (GUIMARES JR, 1997) What if it comes calling cibercultura, therefore, is one of the elements by which the cultural diversities and differences are minimized; it is the element for which the different citizens if perceive as possessing of common traces of identity. through. The different ones if identify in the process of the generation of a new culture, the culture cybernetics, the culture of the infovirtual universe.

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