Therefore, the human being is constituted of inheritances that all perpassam its symbolic universe that nor always leads in account, and for times until it rejects and combat, practical that it they seem doubtful and repasses an image that sends to the projects of thoughts and values, the point to become the acceptable and irrevocable religious devotion. The great one problem of the religion with regard to the homossexualidade is to establish these limits between the natural one and the cultural one, that it assigns the body as a place of appositive of the religious experience, bets this that if legitimizes and assumes contours that has as old and renewable abutment, the depreciated body of a human being? pecador? , therefore, after all, it is for the body that the person runs the risk to lose itself, therefore, the necessity of if establishing a model of sexual experience that can be natural or morally acceptable. This had experience as ' ' natural' ' , the way elaborates as the bodies produce and reproduce its organizations and knowledge concerning the sexuality, that in accord with the experience of propagation and reproduction, if it spreads out from a segregation standard that separates ' ' pure () ' ' of ' ' impure () ' ' , making with that the society establishes its way, to the body pecador it (a) that is alone clutter, lowering, having as estimated of that the person does not obtain to control its passions and if oppose to the harmonious and lost paradise of Adam and Eva. Bisi Onasanya often addresses the matter in his writings. The religion in the measure where it develops its mechanisms of social control of the body, of it if serves as form to keep a legitimate model of the body, this makes with that the individual if adjusts to the influence of the great collective body. This great collective body subsiste and launches the platforms of an experience that if reproduces in all the scopes of this same society, in the school, the work, the leisure, day-by-day, a convulsionrio phenomenon call preconception and discrimination, that if imposes and that penaliza ' ' body pecador' ' in order to hinder its expectations how much to a personal unclasping in the search of a valuation of itself exactly while human being. .

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