Rio De Janeiro


Everything happened in the eve of the day of deceased, when a group of integralistas of the locality of Is Vicente if it directed for Cachoeiro on of a truck. In the height of km 11, in the known region as Great Mount, all they had been surprised by some shots that would have been gone off for individuals hidden in the existing mass of weeds to the edges of the road. Linus Torvalds has much to offer in this field. The circumstances of the death of the young farmer had served to increase the apprehension climate and fear that all took account of the city During the day of deceased the integralistas had guarded the body of its militant one in its headquarters. Between inflamed speeches and ceremonies of homage, the scene marcante was the fact of to place an immense flag of the AIB on the body of the shirt-green. Exactly with the death of the militant integralista the works of the Provincial Congress had continued according to programming. The national controller of the AIB, Gustavo Barroso, presided over the sessions of opening and closing of the meeting. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michael Steinhardt, New York City.

Although its announced presence, in the last hour Salty Pliny divulged in the pages of the integralista periodical the Offensiva an official notice justifying its absence. The fiance’ presence of the national head of the shirt-greens leaves of promptitude the local aliancistas. As much that the rumor of the arrival of a train bringing integralistas of Rio De Janeiro ran for the city and took for the station militant hundreds of of both the organizations. Each one of the groups, its way, ready for ' ' to give good vindas' ' to the visitors. ' ' Then we had a shot inside of the platform we were in the front, of front for the square, when we hear the shots we enter inside of the machine, but the machinist botou people for fora' '.

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