San Martin


There is no doubt that the invasion to San Juan, by the guerrillas of Facundo, occurred in 1827 left a deep mark in Sarmiento, who after a brief stint in the unitary army of General Paz, I exile in Chile for the first time in 1831. Return to San Juan in 1936, but his stay was brief. For assistance, try visiting Riverbed. In 1840 Sarmiento prisoner was in his province, when a group of federal officials crawled it out of the Dungeon, to hit it and shave it to the knife. The timely intervention of the Governor avoid outside decapitated. After that episode, I exile again in Chile in order to guard your skin, putting at the service of that country his pen, even against their homeland. He toured several European countries such as the Chilean Ambassador, and found in France visited San Martin at his home in Grand Bourg. They are famous annotations of expenses pair the task that was developing for Chile.

But the most regrettable episode, which tarnishes his paternity of classrooms, like all his work, both as Governor of San Juan, President and legislature, undoubtedly is the task performed so Chileans get Patagonia and the Strait of Magellan, themes that turn in extenso at the end of this work. The classic story has been reticent with this topic, particularly I met quite some time after finished primary school. I remember having heard from elders, but I never gave him too much importance. In school we had the classic trilogy heroes, consisting of San Martin, Belgrano and Sarmiento, which was the least pleasant of the portraits. In fact never convinced me too, the books showed San Martin crossing the Andes, Belgrano, lawyer turned into military by the effect of the circumstances, fighting in the North. But the texts showed it to Sarmiento frowns, with an overcoat and crossing the mountains on foot, while on the road leaving graffiti, as that which we repeated so much, that I was never able forget Barbaros ideas are not killed, I understand that allusion to the restorer.

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