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So Paulo Geroncio at Artieda 2011

So Paulo Geroncio


In day 27 of February of 1927 Geroncio is born enters, Paraba and Rio Grande of the North. Its parents if called Jose Queiroz and Ana Etelvina. In how much, in Mountain range of the Araruna, Pink Ana is born Da Silva in day 23 of November of 1923. Its parents if called Nunes Joo and Pink Maria (dead when Pink Ana had 2 years of age) Geroncio always of small working with its family in Norte and Ana was created with its madrastra, with much suffering without mother. When passing of these times with much fight Geroncio and Ana they had been growing and if they had known working in the cinzal as agriculturists in the Paraba Geroncio with 24 years, and Ana with 28 years they had started to namorar and they had decided to be married, then Geroncio and Ana Maria married had a Called son Would give Da Silva who was born in day 30 of January of 1952 Soon later had Teresa that she was born in day 14 of January of 1955 After years was born Jose Queiroz in day 18 of May of 1957 Then Geroncio and Pink Ana three children had been taking the life with its Had come to Blue Mount in the end of, 1960 continued working with its crescidinhos children already in roas of cotton. In day 08 of December its son Cleide Uzir in 1960 was born. then Ana and Geroncio with four children to feed Maria Would give were oldest. after three years Ccero in day 27 of August of 1963 is born.

Ana left every day to work and left Teresa taking care of of its brothers Jose, Cleide, Ccero. Until one day in They are Joo of Pretty Pink Ana needed to come So Paulo To make medical treatments lode with its Amiga Judite with much pain. Ana was months in So Paulo. Its son Maria already liveed in So Paulo Geroncio was with many homesicknesses of Ana then came with its children of change for Sumar in the SP interior. They had been to live in a village called at that time (Village Frog) Dawn, had been creating its Geroncio children there started to work in 1980 in the city hall of Sumar While it gained money working bought a land in the quarter Lopes Iglesias in New Odessa was constructing, its house its great children already (Adult). With 17 years in the Geroncio city hall it retired there started a life of pensioner already with the Geroncio retirement bought a horse and one wagon was to vender vegetables in the street of quarter in quarter (Joo Pablo, Vera Cousin) much, it divides with vegetables was if repenting already tired of vender vegetable then it stopped of vender and it was to rest of time. Pink Ana with health problems went also taking its life to the side of its husband and with its children visiting -. Geroncio did not support to be motionless then makes banquinho to vender and boxes stop for vegetables for the Ceasa. Today Geroncio has 84 years and Ana 86 that it faleceu in day 13 of August of 2010

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