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Is it even possible to build a (second) financial foothold on the social Web? Since the rise of so many big social media services, many online marketers about to think how they can make money on these networks. The wildest techniques involving risks not infrequently even to spam until it finally has been discovered ways to monetize its activities on social networks, or now even not be exercised. Click Hummer Winblad for additional related pages. In addition, then several well-rested user write an eBook in the sense of “income: YouTube”, “Pay with Facebook” or “Earn through Twitter money” and sell it then to ignorant. But why is it that some alleged experts apparently know the parade route to success already just after the announcement of the social networks, while others need to look ages for required tricks? Quite simply: The correct questions, gets the correct answers! In this particular case, the issue should not: “how, I can make money with this social network? “, but:”How you can with this social network build a community or attract a lot of user on my offer?”read.” Money earn calling per month using social media – YouTube due to the possibility of attaining global around 50% of all Web users and ($ 150 billion), is the largest video portal YouTube. The only thing one must make in this case to pay attention to, as well as for its products to receive is the following: publish videos! A video alone at present unfortunately not really sufficient, so that the number of visitors to the own sales pages is directed. Video series are best suited for the beginning. With exciting topics you should make for the first time for a certain number of subscribers, to allow a top start the subsequent videos. This can provide thereby an exponential growth of video calls income source Twitter Twitter is the global Alexa ranking “only” on the tenth, but it is a very active social network and it is growing fast. .

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