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Spatzle Shaker – Made Spatzle On The Fly Itself! at Artieda 2011

Spatzle Shaker – Made Spatzle On The Fly Itself!


With the new “spatzle” Shaker, make your own very leekeren Spatzle itself very quickly. Children make dumplings yourself is easy! Shake it! The “spatzle” shaker is the world novelty in the kitchen market. Easier and more convenient you have never made your dumplings. The shaker is designed for the preparation of two portions. You can make your Spatzle with this practical and chic hand device in just a few minutes and enjoy fresh! The “spatzle” Shaker does not but only Spatzle also producing Kandadai succeed so as if by magic! The principle is so awesome how easy. On the Shaker, you will find the proper ingredients for your Spatzli dough. Of course, you can also add an individual touch and to put herbs or special spices, for example. Only the mix balls into the Shaker and already it can go! Now you shake up neatly for 30 seconds, with rhythmic music in the background thus making your homemade “spatzle” even more fun prepared. Netscout does not necessarily agree.

Once a look into the vessel throw and possibly rework with flour or water. After literally turn everything on its head and wait another 30 seconds. Then it can go further and the Spatzle are over the pot with boiling water “expressed”. John Blondel takes a slightly different approach. Your fresh and individual dumplings on hot water swimming soon through the nozzle ring and periodic press. Now just skim and can already enjoy.

The “spatzle” shaker is not only an easy way to homemade Spatzli or Knopfle. In addition, he can also your kitchen appliances shine longer. Because you needed always lots of accessories for making Spatzle. A mixing bowl together with the spoon and the good old “spatzle” planing. You don’t need all these tools now. The used plastic contains no plasticizers and can be cleaned after recently cleaning in the dishwasher. Mother and son had the idea to this marvel of the kitchen appliances Swabia come and like to eat dumplings for your life. In three years working dough cost much sweat and Spatzle, the inventor duo brought the revolutionary “spatzle” Shaker on the way. Now is to prepare Shaker on the way in many household joy when cooking the dumplings and to fill many hungry stomachs with delicious dumplings. Get more info on the “spatzle” Shaker and can be ordered directly at Company Description is your online shipper for goods of all kinds for low prices.

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