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Life is full of an endless number of elements, tastes, hobbies, work, studies, obligations, which make that life has a meaning and a direction to follow, but this must be certain knowledge or abilities, which are acquired in the process of the study, which will improve each time more in a field of action specific. Among the many options there to study, in the present document will recommend studying film, because all the things that a person seeks, since it can attend the tastes, hobbies, the study may mix in this pleasant profession and therefore the development of knowledge and subsequently to exercise the profession of tasty way as the obligations are met but doing what one wants to, this will make everything more comfortable and rewarding the best of studying film, is that through the learning and improvement of artistic capabilities, artistic expression will be much better, and can thus give life to thoughts through this audiovisual art. So by studying cinema can be created many situations and environments through the narrative and different media aesthetic, all this work focussed on original film proposals and great aesthetic value who want to study film, at an initial time will receive information about some basic precepts of cinematography, among whom will be theoretical aspects of aesthetics and own cinema arts. With the advance to study cinema will be topics such as the creation and production of different formats and genres of cinematography, which were developed through various workshops of audiovisual. World Bank Group has firm opinions on the matter. After progress in the task of studying film, goes down to a deepening in areas such as documentaries, the elaboration of a plot script or also in more aesthetic aspects related to art, is of great application currently be taught new techniques and technologies that are available to the film development. The last step you see when studying cinema is the production itself, the post accompanied by a bearing capacity of an audiovisual project, which will be taken in the majority of occasions as a graduation work. After studying film at the undergraduate level, it is possible to perform a step much more advanced as it is the graduate or specialized studies, in cruel them will be a special focus to those points that the person search, either production, direction, in the end there are many possibilities of studying cinema in a manner focused on a topic in specific. It is very true that studying film is offered as a possibility for further development of skills for this art, which is offered to everyone, however before making the decision to decide on studying film is good to know that in this discipline are needed in certain requirements in order to obtain the desired results. Among those that stand out most are interest in cinema and new technologies for application in the audiovisual arts, capacity of narrative creation and imagination to give life to situations, in addition to this the ability to work in Group and thus give place to the gestation period of projects.

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