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Summarizing Psychology at Artieda 2011

Summarizing Psychology


It is this openness and the ability to be flexible in the relationship leads to an explanation of the following features – why Women are easier to manage and manipulate. Tune to a wave of cooperation, unity with others, allows a woman is much easier to change your plans, make adjustments in your actions. It is true that a significant role is played by more women desire to be under the 'wing of the patron', the roots of drifting to the days when the concept of women's rights is not something that is not raised, but not quite there. When women's role was only to a successful marriage with a partner, who carefully chose the older generation, to the maximum considering all the possible benefits of marriage. Thus, in a woman's mind is firmly entrenched setting that man – Is not only an indicator of the attractiveness of women, but also a way to solve many material and social problems. Interweaving of these factors and gives up the ease of managing the woman mentioned above. Hence, too, smoothly follows and is another feature of female psychology – the unpredictability, inconsistency. The ability to attract and keep a man, and therefore – to solve the material and other problems led to that self-esteem women became dependent on her appeal.

To exit from a state of internal conflict with herself, she will need constant confirmation that she is loved, beautiful and desirable – this explains the numerous claims that are always imposed the stronger sex. Responsibility for the creation of such a provision is only a woman, but without realizing it, she attempts to leave the state of discomfort at the expense of men – this creates the very peculiarity of feminine psychology, which is called the 'unpredictable behavior. " Summarizing, we can say that the modern woman with creative potential, equal rights with men, a natural talent for building relationships, is still very dependent on the assessment of men, his opinions, which produces the most, intractable logic, particularly female psychology … If you liked this article, the recommend to go to this site, where you'll find lots of interesting information on the psychology of men.

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