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' Everything me is allowed but nor it agrees me to everything, all the things me are allowed but I will not leave myself to dominate for nenhuma' ' Apstolo Pablo the eagle is one of the metafricas figures, that portray the freedom, more known in the world. Its capacity of alar high flights and […]

Ipanemo Two


Then, if it raised, and it turned return. (…) Jooquerque retraced the yard, negligent to everything, but in cautious way (…) E, then, (…) it caught the axe, It walked (…) With firm indireo (…) arrived itself, (…) he greeted, he stopped, (…) Ipanemo hung the face (…) he was revirando, he twirled themselves there, […]

Communitarian Action


Thus, for a few seconds, the author it is left to surprise in scene. It is in this point that propagates its opinion being able on them public defining them as ‘ ‘ latecomers, trpegos and incapable to restore justice in the land, for satisfaction of cu.’ ‘ The implicit optics in the text conota […]

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