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Martins Species


Marimon & Rasp (2001). It approximately has a clear-cut vegetacional body of arbreo-arbustivo estrato of 6 or 7 meters with accented tortuosidade, with ramifications irregular and twisted e, a xeromrfico aspect, that is explained by the theory of the oligotrfico escleromorfismo. Malheiros (2004). Ferri (1969) and Ratter et al (1996), after comparing works published on […]

Florena Geometric


Of certain form, Italian designer revolutionized the fashion of years 1950 with an unknown concept of the union between the formal suit and the esportivo suit. Its intention was to free the woman of the heavy and bothering clothes, facilitating day-by-day of that they started to enter in the work market. It already if had […]



Normally they agree one or more diverse steps of action and of reaction. Some methods of functioning of turbines exist the vapor. In the turbine You tan, the pressure of the vapor that leaves the boiler is changedded completely into speed, this had to a special form that the shovels possess, in which the vapor […]

Lagoon Of The Salt Mine


LAGOON OF THE SALT MINE? DWELLING NOVA-CE Is a flaring vision that stuck dark water sea in the center of New Dwelling, or will be if it is at the beginning? But it is the first natural landscape that delights the eyes of who arrives at the pretty city. Well that they say to be […]

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