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Without bordering landmarks, the agriculturists and administrators of temples, palaces and too much established productive units in agriculture did not have clear reference of the limit of its possesses to be able to cultivate it and to pay the taxes due in the measure of its extension to the governing. Old faras had decided to […]

The Frequency


As the composed related one (TMS) it presents hydrogen atoms equivalents, it has a frequency of high absorption (provoked for the raised shield) and the composition can be had as standard, since the hydrogen atoms of other substances absorb in lesser frequencies (lesser field). It is said in ' ' chemical displacement (d)' ' , […]

Real Societies


In accordance with Xifras-Heras (2000), the information is the transmission of facts or knowledge, since it leaves of being an only element to become a set, confusing itself with daily of subjective elements or the technician, whose necessary intermediate integration, that is the ways of transmission. The information is the set of the forms, conditions […]

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