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The Strawberry


It is important to strengthen the following frames. You: “imagine, that there is a vast Strawberry field in front of you. The Strawberry field around is a wall. What is the wall in your mind?” You respond or shows the height with her hand. You: “interesting. OK you are coming over the wall and are […]

Domestic Helpers


Also in case of the need for care must be a family member not in the home. Cases of nursing home care recently mentioned in an interview that she had at home included her mother at the age of 90 years, and the famous German crime writer Ingrid Noll to the has taken care of […]

The Men And Giving


How can man be helped with the gift-giving? Especially for men in this world, it is that”regular horror: the hunt for the perfect gift for the wife and girlfriend, acquaintances and relatives. Whether for birth, baptism or birthday, to find the perfect gift a rather not be bridged hurdle for the male species. There are […]



Single consultants offers its customers now have a whole new way of coaching: chat coaching! Chat coaching allows the anonymous and flexible online consultation of singles looking for the right partner. Single consultant supports in singles to become aware of their own needs and goals in a partnership and to recognize the partners appropriate for […]

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