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The Offizin


Also, the mission statement of the pharmacist in his pharmacy has not been through the relaxation of the prohibition of multiple operation in question. The ban on foreign ownership had confirmed in 2009 the European Court of Justice. By numerous parallel decisions, the Supreme Court has determined that tangierender price competition of the medicine pricing […]

Cosmetic Products


No question, is also cosmetic bio fully in line with the trend. However a cosmetic with bio is so far not standardised, the conditions under which “statements may be marketed. A decision of the Oberlandesgericht Hamm now causes a stir. The case involves the designation of bio-oil”. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. […]

Exciting Niche Product


Manufacture of veterinary medicines always tighter regulation of health products (see only last the health claims regulation in the food sector) it is worth for companies of the health sector, to develop such product niches that were far more distant, leave for it but still a comparatively extensive legal leeway in the design and application […]

Removal Of The Ban


Removal of the ban have get a penalty charge notice imposed a driving ban? You must respond, otherwise this penalty becomes legally binding and you may have to join the traffic ban immediately. Then as before, take the car is driving without a license and becomes the offense, which can cost several thousand dollars. You […]

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