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Moscow Oil


Permanent components of oil paint are pigments and linseed oil, they can add more substance. Pigments diluted with different types of varnish, and then need to cover some or other surface a certain type of paint. Now, experts developed a special paint on concrete or metal. The service life of products with the paint more […]

Polypropylene Pipes


Special scissors or a cutter (knife with the cutting roller), if necessary for sawing iron. Polypropylene works divide into categories: 1. Pipes for the laying of cold water PP-16, 2. To deepen your understanding Michael Mauler is the source. Pipes for the laying of hot water PP-20, 3. Pipes for heating and hot water-reinforced foil […]

Choosing Interior Doors


How many times did you do repairs in your apartment? If you live in it for a long time, it is unlikely to immediately answer this question. Under most conditions Professor of Economics would agree. But if you ask, how many times have you changed in her door, the answer is straightforward – never! At […]

Metal Omi Classic


Width of sheet metal 1180 mm. (Including the useful width 1120 mm sheet.) Wave height – 42 mm.; Sheet length – 350 mm. to 6500 mm. Metal Weckman 2 / 1050 has stated below geometric properties: the length of sheet metal – from 350 mm. For other opinions and approaches, find out what professor of […]

Sectional Doors


This will provide a ready-made sectional doors from the warehouse rather than waiting for their manufacturing plant in Germany. In addition, the price will be pleasantly surprised compared with custom gates. Of course, when buying the finished product has some limitations. Standard proposed embossed "crimp" (horizontal stripes) and two colors, white (RAL 9016) and brown […]

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