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Ramaz Klimiashvili


But while the formal “campaign in NATO” continues. More than 700 soldiers went to the last week in Germany to undergo a final stage of preparation before the service in Afghanistan as part of coalition forces, opposing, as they formulate, challenges and threats posed by international terrorism. Providing them with reinforced military presence, the Georgian […]

Stuffed Animals For Small Artists


2. Painting and creative competition for children which was agricultural media GmbH Verler medienhaus after outstanding success 2011 launched in October the second painting and creative competition of the publishing house came agricultural media GmbH Verler Media House. This year, the company with the Hundertwasser school cooperates a special school of the city of Gutersloh, […]

Still Okay


A word of reason to the NSA from an unexpected source in Germany, American and British intelligence services, also the much dreaded NSA adhere to German law, says Chancellor’s Office Minister Pofalla (Yes, there’s the still). Also Interior Minister Friedrich says the allegations against the American National Security Agency (NSA), got them on a large […]

Stuttgarter Schlossgarten


Each decision alternative requires a final passage of next steps related to this project. Dialogue with precedent or participation experiment by this embedding of Stuttgart 21 in an infrastructural generational also gaining importance the dialogue as well as the basic controversy surrounding this project far beyond Stuttgart and Baden-Wurttemberg. Ultimately, it is the question of […]

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