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Wagner Wagner


For vacancies occurring in the future, so prospective applicants should be pre-stored. But then, the question is whether the appropriate person at this time is still available and interested in employment. In addition to the high cost, the often deterrent of complicated candidate portals against such an approach speaks. “Exactly here is set alarm on […]

Markus Walter Rheinstrasse


Oliver Buhr, Managing Director of COPARGO GmbH economy projects outlined the problems, which is usually faces: “we are witnessing in our advice, that despair of employees in projects at a chaotic internal approach: here makes most any project manager what he wants.” As a consequence, the projects in its history are always chaotic, delayed, and […]

Andreas Schilling


The distortion of competition by the direct forwarding of the unemployed by work agency consultants to attached units, such as for example the local incubators is criticized also by almost all external providers. Since you have to distinguish themselves as external provider of the free kind for the unemployed offer of taxpayer-financed public competitor then […]

Horse Training


What must managers be aware of, if they want to choose a provider which offers horse-based management seminars? Typical questions in the checklist of horse guided experience leadership strength training with horses are an integral part for the vocational training of management has become. The direct and unvarnished feedback of horses impressively reveals strengths and […]

Company Jennie


What interested the students in Company Jennie? What questions were asked? Nadine Messinger: First and foremost was asked, what Jennie ever makes, i.e. in what business fields we are active and what apprenticeships are offered by us. Specifically, students asked about the tasks of the merchants for freight forwarding and logistics services”and which qualifications for […]

Charisma And Charisma:


Executive Days organized with Tom Schmitt consulting Dr. Kraus & partners, on the subject “Status intelligence” in Munich and Hamburg State intelligence with personality in leadership”. This is the title of an Executive day the consulting Dr. Kraus & partners held on 28 September in Munich and on the 10th of October in Hamburg. The […]

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