Thatched Roof


If you believe the media, seem since the year 2006, the German Thatched roofs have a problem .. They rot faster. The cause has been identified by so-called “experts thatched fast”: a killer fungus or mushrooms are the “thatched-dying” be responsible. The solution of the problem therefore lies in the control of fungi in the reeds and on the thatched roof. This rather simple solution is represented by two main interest groups. Resourceful business people who want to sell more or less effective means against molds and some officials of the roofers who would rather push the problem to the thatched roof of the infestation with fungi than to ask oneself how to contribute to this problem. On closer examination of the theory that fungi are responsible for premature aging of thatched roofs, thatched roof seems to be the real cause of the problem lie somewhere else entirely. The thatched roofs in our neighboring countries, Holland and Denmark do not appear, or only in a very lesser extent affected by the infestation with fungibe. You go into these countries is quite different with problematic roofs, they are usually reviewed on their first professionally proper planning (design) and run down. Roofers do not seem to be affected by this problem. Other natural materials such as wood or insulating materials made of reeds do not seem to be more frequently infected by fungi than previously. So what is the real cause of the “thatched death”? The physical cause of the problem lies in the so-called thatched building physics of the house. Of course, fungi and micro-organisms to decay the thatch of bear that happens constantly in nature. However, mushrooms grow only where they can grow, ie, where it is moist heat and constant that you will confirm any pool owner or family doctor. The cause of a roof are infested with fungi, so the ideal conditions for fungi. The ideal conditions are mainly determined by the structure and design of the roof, and the quality of the used Dachreets.The design and execution of the planner and the roofers are responsible for the selection of Dachreets the roofer and the Reethändler. The psychological cause of Reetproblematik lies in the critical faculties of man. The Dachdeckerinnung will see the planner and the material as a cause. The planner will make the material and the craftsman responsible. The material, the artisans and merchants make the planners responsible. The result is that everyone put the blame on someone else can. Only the real problem is not solved.

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