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Now I wonder, from that spoken? When you offer a service, or thinks about making an investment what it is intended or should be taken into account? What is what is heard on the radio, reads in the newspaper or see on television? Yes refers to the crisis, lee crisis, crisis can be heard. As this is what they read, see and hear, we started to live in the world of the is. Others made trial of crisis, and we now see the world of the crisis. Others interpreted the world and we interpreted it as interpreted and should interpret it. We are becoming interpreted beings. Recently David Malpass sought to clarify these questions. We do not interpret others interpreted by us. We are not talking about, are spoken by others.

We do not generate our own judgments appropriating them, we make the judgments that are made, because it is not something that if I say something different is me tilde loco or misfit. This is be in a State of interpreted: see what others are saying that we need to see to be what others want us to be, we live life that others want us to live. And all this without realizing or. Ultimately be in State of interpreted is the lack of power which generates a life inautentica. The questions that arise are: do valid judgments can generate that they enable an increase in mi? capacity for action? How can I break the bonds of the State of interpreted? How will I question now that it is said that he sees and hears? When able to break away from the chains of the be and stop living under present, i.e., when appropriating their judgments and live according to them, his life finally will be yours, stop living in State of-Ject to make your life into your pro-ject, and experiment by above all the power of a life authenticates.

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