The End Of The Day


Try to remember (or write quietly in the evening), the most fun phrases that today you said or heard. Then, in another free day off from this "wealth" together we can do a memorial album, which will always be ready to lift the mood and remind that the marvels around – there! To arrange an unforgettable day for someone from the family, try to remember these tips. 1. Prepare for "Momentous" day in advance. Just thought over every detail, you can be 100% sure that the day was unforgettable. 2. Do not be afraid of surprises. Gain insight and clarity with ICAEW.

You can only think that depends on you, "Completion" of the museum or the absence of popcorn in the movie impossible to predict. It is therefore important not to lose heart in these situations and be able to lift the spirits themselves and one to whom you are giving today's "celebration of life." Chin up! 3. Not make the day too saturated. As they say, very well – it's too bad. If you overdo it with the impressions, then at the end of the day you will feel no emotional lift, and fatigue. 4.

Give yourself the "path of retreat." Naturally, having prepared such a wonderful gift, his sin will not donate. But before talking about it, "the birthday" is still not worth it. Ask about his plans for the day-X ", but in advance of everything do not tell. First, the miracles should be Surprise. Second, both will be very sad if, for example, on the appointed day will be urgent things or bad weather. 5. Do not repeat. Ideas about the "days-gifts" can be a great many, but weekly trips to the movies like on the traditions. Check out: next to the cinema can be much more interesting! 6. Not happy holidays too often.

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