The Mexican Leadership


For several years, Mexico has witnessed various changes attempting to break down the cultural and political barriers that we have been slaves since the beginning, although we are product of a conquered people, and our history has always been a history of losses and few WINS, we have been able to fight against it although we left not always triumphant, that feeling that takes from our ancestorsIt has been difficult to overcome, over the years we have gone through different systems of Government, trying to break the barriers of corruption, and we have still not achieved. Today the leadership of the Mexican is based simply on survive adversity from every day, by the struggle for the survival of the human being in the big cities, Mexicans gradually leave their communities to migrate to the big cities and find the triumph, the rest that remains, struggle simply to survive. Leadership is a strongly entrenched cultural trait in Mexico and it is precisely this tradition that makes it so difficult to be a Mexican leader. In Mexico there are many cultural barriers to overcome, the Mexican is accustomed to obey and wait for the leader, a true leader does not prompt obedience, but encourages it and leverages the ideas, leverages the values and the power of people to build bases on which the leader decides the road. The Mexican constantly confuses the power struggle with the leadership, for us the leader is one who has the power, and we do not know really what a leader means, we are accustomed to waiting for another to solve things. Culture in Mexico, and the Mexican values, are fundamental and help to everyday human coexistence; We identify the family and religion are all important elements for the understanding of Mexican, as well as festivals, language and customs. The family is so important yet there is a bad habit that most of the posts are still giving by family or personal contacts which are achieved set, usually through a family member. .

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