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The Time at Artieda 2011

The Time


I feel basically always mother: every animal is my child. In the first three or four weeks that stays wild completely with me at home, I care around the clock to the small, even at night it sleeps with me. With three or four weeks we left the House for the first time and go into the enclosure where she meet her Pack. First they sniff just, but the time in the enclosure is longer, something like an acclimatization in the kindergarten. At the age of three to four months they stay there all day. Of course, I spend as much time with them, as her mother, I’m a major caregiver after all.

But wolves to grow up a lot faster than, for example, dogs. What fascinates you about wolves? What is so special about them? I think in wolves very fascinating that they pose so many contradictions in himself. They can be very affectionate, but also at the same time very wild, a predator, that should not be underestimated. Each animal that I raise, I find my own way to balance out dominance and submission just if they come into puberty, they – like borders similar to we humans test, rub on the mother, it is important to find the right balance, and to have found already the right mix between authority and laissez-faire in the previous breeding. Wolves have to struggle even with great prejudice. What is your opinion? Yes, certainly to wolves there is still heated discussions, fraught with many platitudes.

Two extreme groups have emerged there. On the one hand, the Wolf fans say wolves are just sweet and want to hold almost as a pet at home and forget that the Wolf is also a predator. On the other hand, there are still the myth of the evil Wolf that eats away the children. Both positions are of course to enjoy with caution: the Wolf is a wild animal. Others including Nintendo, offer their opinions as well.

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