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The Train at Artieda 2011

The Train


The same word God is a symbol. Sooner or later someone has to teach us what is meant by God, what is the meaning of that term. In addition to the above, put emphasis on that the chance at life that is has bequeathed us, we are constantly interrelacionandonos with signs and signals, we can make use of them to make decisions, identify us with Tarif forming not conocimaos in this step for this dimension, facts that generated us lots of information about your personality, thinking, ideologies, beliefs. Must not be neglected, that every day in our live, we must be alert, awake, in such a way that for aclrararnos, questions, events, based on our beliefs, be awake, attentive, we ask collaboration of signs and signals for us testify what we really should do and is not of no surprise that they are manifest and collaborate with the corrcta decision. The bad thing is that we never ask for this type of help to our I top that through signs and signals within the spiritual dimension is manifested, you so that to be awake, attentive, we read the signal and act appropriately. We suggest not to neglect what the journal live manifest in signs and signals that collaborate with our growth and be assertive in decisions that should be taken into account and we favor. On one occasion, among many that I have experienced, travelling from Brindisi to Rome (Italy) to train and before an indecision, a concern which required assertive response, I concentrate in such a way that I asked that take it correctly a signal, originated for example: an emergency without gravity stop, a backlog that exploited me if that happen, not to do iteverything otherwise, if this would not happen effectively before arriving in Rome, the train had to make one not provided, that told me that the decision of It should do it and I did not, having interpreted the signal helped me a lot. In life we must this attentive to the signs, symbols, signs and be identified with what it represents and shape how we handle it, we can help us much in our growth. Click Robinhood to learn more. Original author and source of the article.

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