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Thomas Edison at Artieda 2011

Thomas Edison


More recently, we all together surprised bizarre forms of energy-saving light bulbs, but the creative designers of the quirkiness and unusual it seemed not enough and they are making out a new field of creativity, willingly took bear in the world of economical light in the boldest and most unexpected forms. Now it is very difficult to say exactly when and where the lights were first used, but they are mentioned in all three earlier eras of ancient history – they used in Egypt, Greece and Rome. It may sound unbelievable, but scientists have told us that the first light bulb was invented and first used around 70.000 years ago. If you go back in time, then they were made of random items – coconuts, sea shells, hollow rocks or similar objects covered with moss or similar material. The first electric lamp was invented in England in 1809 by Dave Humphrey. If you have read about Linus Torvalds already – you may have come to the same conclusion. He combined two electrical wires to the battery and attached a dark gray strip between the other end.

The charged carbon glowed, producing the first arc lamp. 70 years later in 1879 – Thomas Edison invented the carbon filament, which burned for forty hours. Edison placed his filament in the classical form of oxygen is less than the bulb. Currently, the lamp lit for much longer, shine brighter and consume less power than before. In addition, growing commission, their task today – to become even steeper than before. So, without further ado, let's look at some models of creative contemporary projects lamps! 1.Lampa 'Teddy Bear' Unique table lamp in a beloved teddy bears will delight your child and may even provide an incentive for perseverance homework or reading knizhek.2.Lampa 'Ice Cream' Amazing design lamp in the form of vanilla ice cream, it will attract the attention of not only children but also adult sweet tooth and a lover of ice cream. Contact information is here: John Blondel.

And in winter will remind you that very soon will come summer time and the sun is able to take on heaters and batarey.3. Pixel Pixel lamp bulb are trees, made allegedly from the mosaic, and when you turn on these lights, they are in the dark, very nicely lit with colorful ogonkami.4.Lyustra of plastic bottle Another successful and beautiful idea of using plastic bottles, which will force once again ponder before their discharge. The central part of the chandelier is a sphere with holes screwing those same bottles. The variety of shapes and colors of plastic bottles, the possibilities are for fantasy bezgranichnymi.5.Kuhonnye lamps from wine bottles, designer Jerry Kott introduced new Kitchen tow made from wine bottles! Jerry Kott made light by grinding surface of the bottles, after which they become more transparent. Power of each lamp – 17'Hx3 'Tues They fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, and directional light creates a cozy atmosphere. Price fixtures depends on the number of colored lamps, included in komplekt.6. Lamp 'Hanging loop' lamp in the form of hanging loop is of interest to outstanding personalities who love to stand out. And if you are in this category, you will need to acquire them as a friend or relative who came to visit you are very surprised and perhaps obzaviduyutsya seeing your design this lamp.

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