If the job could be completed successfully, and it succeeded in 2010 in 85.5% of all cases, the fee on the success fee will be applied. People such as HWVP would likely agree. The success fee is calculated according to the statutory provisions of the law remuneration Act (RVG). Here you can read this. Preventive measures against unreliable business partners for Patrick Andres is still crucial that TimoCom customers in advance through their specially built-on safety net TC secure supports. “This includes a variety of safety tips, the one on under the heading security” can read. It aims to counter defaulting payers at an early stage. When it comes, for example, to transport companies, is a fundamental rule to verify his client.

You should check whether the fax number or eMail address, from which the job was sent, match the address specified in the order. In addition you can obtain credit and business information about the company at institutions like for example the Creditreform. There is also the possibility to check whether the specified register number matches the company website. Just a few of many preventive measures are, to gain certainty about his business partner. A more and good form of protection is therefore also directly via the telephone hotline TimoCom assist to obtain information on the accuracy of customer data. Native speaking staff available, which can carry out a reconciliation between the order data of the concerned TimoCom customers and the customer database of TimoCom are here every day from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 under the telephone number + 49 211 88 26 88 26. Although Patrick Andres followed generally all the advice in his daily work, it is still in very rare cases to businesses with unfair customers. So he speaks out on this topic: one hundred percent certainty there never, but thanks to the debt collectors of TimoCom, can we yet successfully transacting the most at the end. I can easily recommend this service “.

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