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Toyota Terra Cabin at Artieda 2011

Toyota Terra Cabin


Today, Toyota Yaris is available with two types of the body, has three levels of technical equipment and a gasoline engine. Typically, a complete set of all produced Toyota fixed. Riverbed will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It would seem that the basic technical equipment of the Toyota Terra can already be considered more than sufficient. Its equipment includes power accessories, air conditioning, MP3 player, trip computer and heated front seats. The apparent advantage of the basic Toyota Terra Cabin is equipped with front and side airbags. Toyota Plus complemented by powerful fog lamps and an automated manual "Multimoud." Through this modernization of its price rises by 19.5 thousand. In equipping the vehicle Toyota "Salt" Poimena these components are present knee airbag, the special wheels of light alloy, inflatable curtains windows, climate control system and automatic engine starting.

Price Toyota "Salt" as compared to baseline, "Yaris" is increased by 60 thousand rubles. The body is made of two types: five-door hatchback,. A big plus iron the auto-compact, but quite spacious inside. The front of the car designed for passenger growth up to 190 cm rear seat is roomy, can be moved in parts back and forth, choosing the most convenient location for travel. The vertical part of sofa has a few provisions. The five-door hatchback can be produced with automated and manual manual in each set. -Trehdverka.

It has a sportier look. The cost below an average of 13 thousand rubles. Like other three-door classmates has some drawbacks. Difficulties with parking cars for a long wing doors, inconvenience at the entrance in the back seat. In addition, it can be purchased only with mechanized KP. The engine, to Unfortunately, no alternatives. In European countries have 4 types, and in Russia while only 1.3 liter gasoline engine. It has an electronic system of gas distribution phases, mechanized automatic transmission. Color palette is represented in 9 versions. Only two colors are not in need of an extra charge – red and white. For the rest of the enamel will have to pay around 6000.

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