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Training Period at Artieda 2011

Training Period


The period of training aims at to surpass this problem. Also he can be defined as the transistion of the student for the professional, therefore it will be acquiring, in the exercise of the function, next to already the professional ones, the necessary experience for this its transformation. That is, everything that it says respect the PERIOD OF TRAINING I was mentioned as a source of information that will have to be acquired by the pupil during its formation to become it a true professional. However, I confess that lately I have been a little confused in relation the contribution of the period of training in my formation how much academic of it cursoem Physical Education. Eisto if of on account of the difficulty in obtaining periods of training where my formation can add experience for this. My great doubt is: because it will be that all time that I catch a letter for interview of period of training or sending resume for some company, the first question that they make is ‘ ‘ Which its experience in the area? ‘ ‘. We can until only thinking that this question is only one form to know as to proceed with me the environment ahead from work, that this type of question has eliminated me of some selective processes. In such a way start to believe that this history of that the period of training has as purpose to provide to the student practical experience in its formation line, as complement of education and the learning is something that is only in the paper (it will be that this alone comes to strengthen the feeling of that in Brazil is as soon as is treated the laws).

We know that nowadays the academies, independently of the transports, pay between R$350,00 the R$400,00 to its trainees for 30 weekly hours, already the schools the average is of R$500,00 for twenty weekly hours/lesson. Being that, generally, we work alone assuming the schedules, in the case of the academies or assuming groups, as it happens in the schools. It would not like to believe that the entrepreneurs had found a form to have a cheap man power that can be renewed to each semester without bigger bonds. Today we see students whom if they unfold in two periods of training to obtain to pay its college and still to have a monthly income, therefore, if to work in a formal job it are of its area of formation does not have as to serve as apprentice or if to be in only in a period of training do not have as if to keep in the studies. We, students need yes period of training, but also we need to be respected when students and future professionals. Gentlemen entrepreneurs, if vocs really want in helping in this our day them that is the academic formation, would not like to ask for very, that they only respect the law, in provide an environment to them of learning, independent of our previous experience. If to desire that let us work as professional formed that pays a value more just.

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