Type 2 Diabetes


Amaior has left of this increase is projected to occur in developing countries in reason of the following factors: increase of the population, increase of the etria band, diets inadequate, obesidade and sedentary style of life. Therefore, each more important time becomes the precocious diagnosis, so that related serious complications to the illness are prevented. The research disclosed that 54% of interviewed with diabetes type 2 presented vision problems, to 26% overweight, 22% cardiovascular problems and 4% had needed to amputate a member. (BARRETT et al, 2004). It is known that, of all the amputations of inferior members, 40% 70% are related to diabetes and that 85% of these had started with an ulcer in the foot. Fisiopatologia For the maintenance of the glicemia in the normality band is of basic importance the hormonal system, thus constituted: of a side the insulina (hipoglicemiante hormone) and of the other, glucagon, the catecolaminas, cortisol and the hormone of growth – GH (hiperglicemiantes hormones or against-regulators). The insulina is set free in the periods after-prandiais (after feeding) and glucagon in the periods of jejum.

The cells? they are stimulated by the glucose, mainly, but also for amino acids, acid greasy free and medicines as the sulfonilurias and the glinidas ones (they harness the action of the glucose). The glucose is carried from efficient form to the interior of the cells? for the GLUT2 and immediately they fosforiladaem glucose-6Ppela glicokinase, that the glucose sensor is considered for the cells. The glucose-6P is oxidated increasing relation ATP/ADP with closing of the canals of K+sensveis to the ATP of the cells. It has then desporalizao of the membrane of these cells with opening of the canals of Here ++, increase of the concentration of the cytoplasmic Ca++, probable activation of cinases, with drawing of granules secretores and release of insulina (pr-insulina? insulina + peptdeo C). (PEPPER, 2011).

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