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Buying spare parts for cars Urals, it is often faced with a dilemma – to give a large sum for corporate product or search for a car parts Ural little cheaper? For many, it's not even a choice – they just prefer the second option. But experienced and zealous people know – saving here often goes sideways. It is important to remember that a quality product is not cheap, and the pursuit of low prices can result in a more significant costs. Buy spare parts that will last for years or change it every few months? Resulting in more economical? Decide in the end, you will, but let's really look at what we offer today market. Netscout usually is spot on. 'Uralovskie' spare parts Car Parts Ural Ural produced in plants of 'Ural' – it's branded products which are manufactured in full compliance with the CD and the developer have a guarantee of reliable service. Worrying about their reputations, industrial association 'Ural' produces only high quality parts with high performance reliability. Guaranteed buy original spare parts can be in the Urals Trading House 'Ural', as well as at authorized dealers. In other cases, the hallmark of this 'uralovskih' spare parts can serve as a quality package, which specify the manufacturer and part number, and the absence in most details of signs of recovery.

'Neuralovskie' spare parts Ural Ural There are many plants and garage producers who produce parts for automobiles Ural, guided by their own technical documentation. All certified and legally, but quality often leaves much to be desired. Carried out by specialists of the plant 'Ural' research has shown that such parts ural differ from the company, and sometimes quite significantly. At the same time did not differ for the better. Other manufacturing techniques (eg, molding instead of punching.) The use of other materials (steel, additives) inaccuracies and omissions in the geometry of the product (high roughness, gaps), etc. – all this affects the 'life' of such details. Substandard parts ural quickly fail themselves and contribute to increased wear of the other nodes machine. But the price of Ural Parts (neuralovskie) are much lower. Can not say that all 'neuralovskie' parts so bad, but the situation leaves much to be desired.

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