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When I decided to create this blog I got as main goal to be able to monetize the idea of the Venus project and the philosophy of the documentary Zeitgeist so from my personal approach we can begin to mobilize in favour of this new status that we want for the societies in which we live. When I speak of profitable I mean that we must make our philosophy to be put into practice because it seems to me that the biggest mistake of movements for social change or the so-called revolutionaries is that they never go to the plane of the practice and are relegated only to philosophical debate, in this sense when creating this space and when I decided to take the flag of the movement and give a personal structure never consider to Zeitgeist and the Venus project as rhetorical philosophies, my involvement is going to be active and to generate controversy because my understanding of the movements of revolution is not that traditionally are accustomed to seeing. My militant action philosophy is simple: we use the resources of the old system to establish the new. My greatest fear is that none We live to see the Venus project in its splendor, I think that the same step when Marx forecast the best thing and the worst thing about this system, so from this space I’ll share ideas related to the main project but from my understanding.

I know that many they will agree with what I intend to do and be that others will not, my intention, said another way, is to achieve the Zeitgeist philosophy is mass but from practice, so I intend to make all who follow me understand that our noble ideas deserve an also economic framework which can eventually lead us to massively the premise of the entire movement. I think the biggest mistake that today today discuss the revolutionary philosophies, (agree that what we are proposing is revolutionary) is that it does not capitalize their human potential in empirical facts, do not have an economic or legal framework and a structure beyond the utopian goal, why is it muren. We are not a utopian movement, want to really change things, we should change them, so with the passage of the days in this space will have more details of what I intend to do and how it is necessary to get us involved to avoid that more people they enslaved in the system.

Let’s be realistic and practical, nobody is going to abandon the use of your credit card today, nobody is going to stop going to deposit funds into your bank, nobody will no longer take out mortgages, they will not stop consuming big brands or much less will no longer be at the mercy of large multimedia, the Lords reality is that we live in the CAPITALIST system and although the resource-based economy is good we need to be able to show you the world that can work for everyone the question that I want to make here is: would it not be smarter to make money with this system (corroded) resources to impose by our own means the new system? I’m going to dedicate my life to this ideology but I want us to be practical and realistic but are not going to move forward in any place and we will stay in the utopia of the possibilities and is not a movement, it is a philosophy with expiration date.

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