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Weight Loss at Artieda 2011

Weight Loss


1. Be realistic: losing weight takes time, don’t think you’re going to lose 8 kilos in 1 week, that’s impossible. 2 Exercise: walking 40 minutes three times a week or performs any sporting activity that you like to you 3 times a week. 3. Do not stop eating: your body needs at least 1,000 calories a day.

Stop eating won’t solve the problem of overweight. Not omitas daily meals: breakfast, snack and dinner. 4. Do not eat sweets: when they give you desire for something sweet, take a glass of water and a fruit. If you get hungry between meals: same thing, first take a glass of water, if it is not enough turns to fruit or vegetables. 5 Eat fruit: at least two servings of fruit a day. 6 Eat much preferably raw vegetables: consume daily a good salad or at least one good dish of fresh vegetables.

While more vegetables eat lower weight. Since the vegetable is rich in fiber and helps you eliminate excess fluids. 7. Avoid white flour as sweet bread, white bread. Try to eat integral or black bread. 8. Replace sugar with Splenda. SPLENDA is a sweetener without calories which contains SUCRALOSE no ASPARTAME. Sucralose is a type of sugar that the body does not recognize as such or as a carbohydrate. Therefore, is not metabolized by the body for energy, why has no calories. 9 It complements your diet with Bhip energy Herbal Pura. Your body becomes accustomed to your daily average of ingested calories. When you start to reduce your caloric intake, additional stress is placed on your body while seeking to adapt and become more efficient to increase your metabolic rate, would result? fatigue, irritability and headaches often. During this time, more than ever it is essential to provide your body in abundant quantities of pure nutrients required for energy and vitality. Adequate hydration is also essential. bHIP Energy is a scientific watershed for those who seriously have a goal to lose weight. The mixture of organic herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids from bHIP is scientifically formulated to induce, moisturize immediately fill of energy at the cellular level with zero interference from caffeine, stimulants, sugar, or substitutes. Simply mix bHIP Energy Blend in 250 ml water, and enjoy a pure source of hydrating nutrients that your body requires to achieve your desired weight. Don’t let the lack of essential nutrients and proper hydration do not lose weight. For more information about this product visit 10-weigh yourself only once a week: If you weigh you constantly you will not notice changes and te frustraras quickly. 11 Asks for help to friends and family: they can help you with the challenge of losing weight, either not tempting you with foods high in calories or FAT or encouraging you to help you achieve your goal. 12 Think positively and keep a positive mental state. Imagine how you want to see and how you would feel if you had already achieved your goal. I bajare 4 kilos this month, I will be soon: that swimsuit or those jeans or that dress. These tips not only will you help to lose weight more quickly but also that you will feel better and you will be healthier.

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