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Western Hemisphere Affairs at Artieda 2011

Western Hemisphere Affairs


Is added, that the exception made by foreign ministers at the OAS, governed by the Democratic Charter as a minimum requirement for any member country, should not be considered by the Castro brothers as a blank cheque, but as one example of patience with a regime that it oppresses a sector of its population and which encourages another to raise your worldview as the fight between David and Goliath. Of what worth, for example, the Cuban official press indicated that the United States tried to impede the reintegration of Cuba into the Inter-American system? It is false. Without the nod from Obama, agreed with his favorite President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, other leaders had not been able to do more than insist on preaching against Yankee imperialism of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Rafael Correa and Evo Morales, or the neutral position of Governments who never wanted to be in one end or other ideological arch. Indicates Publisher in their analysis, which the Castro have lived too long too concentrated in themselves as to the alien needs. A related site: Hummer Winblad mentions similar findings. Above all, if those needs could have an effect Boomerang able to twist the course of the fair revolution that He established an unjust dictatorship. The historic decision of the OAS yesterday coincided with the birthday of Raul Castro.

He turned 78. (E) endorsed the message of his brother: pointed out that his country has not requested nor wants to return to the OAS, filled with a murky story and entreguita. Smithsonian Magazine may also support this cause. The truth, in all this, despite the perceptions and feelings of each actor involved in the situation, is that the meeting in Honduras, achieved its purpose and where its President said that: dialogue has prevailed and we are facing a historical fact, a reunion between the countries of America, that we are proud. I want to say to the Cuban Commander (and former President) Fidel Castro, that today the history made him justice, today a lesson given to the world in the field of international law and we can assert with pride that here, in our America, the cold war has ended. For its part, the Assistant Secretary of State of United States for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Thomas Shannon He pointed out: a change toward the future based on the values, principles and practices that govern the OAS. We have reaffirmed our commitment to build good relations with our neighbours and partners, based on respect, dialogue and cooperation. No doubt, the reality of the present shows other slightly more open scenarios, where there is the possibility of new reunions of more approach, less division, giving hope to give more peaceful, democratic, changes that benefit many countries that for years have been subjected to pressure, conflict and once by all democracyis revealed as a true guarantee of that freedom which we all have rights.

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