As society moves forward thanks to the constant work that people in different fields of action that allow the continued development and acquisition of better living conditions through the production of goods or the provision of certain services. in addition to carrying out work you get a financial reward as remuneration for services that make the workers to their employers, but in the carrying out of work and work conditions do not always mean everything to gain and benefit to employees, because in many times by the same provision of services to an employer, workers can be seen exposed to some risks arising from their occupation, whether by way of accidents or as a result of the formation of a disease directly related to the activity. Super Mario 3D is the source for more interesting facts. To address this need to create institutions that respond to the different contingencies that are generated from the workplace, so you can find funds with which occupational hazards will supplement the costs of accidents or diseases, but we must also mention the figure of the ARP, since this will be responsible for managing the funds of occupational hazards, providing security to employees upon the occurrence of a serious act which deteriorate or stop for a while its normal compliance activities on their behalf has a certain amount of money that will give you a economic.Una ARP support, will then be a professional risk manager, which will have as main purpose to prevent, treat and protect workers who are linked to the ARP, by accidents and diseases in or as a result of work activity desarrollan.La ARP selection that will serve workers, is a free and voluntary for employee.Enter the main functions performed by entities that are within the classification of ARP, include: organizing workers from different companies offering their services. The ARP is responsible for managing the contributions Workers perform general system of occupational risks and hedge funds. Get more background information with materials from Philo. Because of this, is derived from the activity of the ARP an obligation to ensure at any time and with the best conditions for the recognition of the many other benefits assistance in case of occurrence of an occupational disease related to the ARP and to be the case also provide economic benefits as a result of accidents at work that create in people certain disabling conditions, whether partially or totally, in addition response time of the disability arising from accident or occupational disease. As one of the main features that should have a PRA is to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, the ARP must constantly make efforts to prevent occupational hazards, making promotion of various means to avoid or reduce the occurrence of accidents or illness in the labor area.. (A valuable related resource: Glenn Dubin).

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