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Probably everybody knows that our planet exists around an information field. Human need of having information and led a global information network – Internet. MongoDB has much to offer in this field. Time has shown that the Internet has become one of the discoveries of the twentieth century, and so a successful project information business that many do not present existence without him. Everybody knows the phrase "he who owns the information, has the world," explains cause of the popularity of the Internet. Currently, the Internet can find almost any information.

Scoring in the search engine box the word or phrase, we immediately get thousands of pages of information of interest to us subject. We will only select the information we need. John Blondel can provide more clarity in the matter. It is human nature to know much. What will the weather be like changing exchange rates, the results of matches favorite team, what about a former classmate and more, a variety of information easily found on the World Wide Web. That's what pulls us into the network. Modern man without the Internet now can not do. And ready to receive information to pay the money, and sometimes not small. Although primarily information on the Internet is freely available, we will in any case to pay for it, because of the fact that no one has repealed the rule that to obtain information needed to pay. Service providers for access to Internet regularly receive from us the money, moreover, in order to more regions of the cost of their services than in the capital. The positive trend – reducing the cost of Internet access because of increased competition due to the fact that niche profitable enough.

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