Yes Reeva


About 3 o’clock in the morning, he was awake and moving without prosthesis on the balcony of the sliding doors were opened to get a fan. Already the first opposition to find here for the attentive reader. Would a person who really suffers from paranoid fear of burglars, really sleep with the balcony door wide open? I guess not. He brought the fan in the bedroom and then closed the balcony doors and curtains. As a result it suddenly pitch black was in the room, that you could no longer see the hand before eyes (and thus also the Reeva in bed). At this very moment, he then allegedly heard noises coming from the bathroom and started panicking. He immediately thought of a burglar and felt very vulnerable, according to own statements because he wasn’t wearing his prosthesis, the bedroom door was closed, and it was so dark.

The fact that Yes Reeva yet another person in the House was with, which could have caused the noise on the toilet, not came to mind. Nor it came to mind, Reeva, he supposedly asleep suspected at the time in bed to wake up. This is the second contradiction in the story. Would a person who is afraid and feels vulnerable, not automatically find the closest help/reinforcement at a time, by he the only other person in the House, he should have no fear, awakens and before facing man as not only a potential attacker? And if not for the reason that it would have been then not logical in second place, to wake them, so at least she can ever bring in security and call for help? If it not the first impulse, one hears noises of unknown cause in the House to wake up the other, so he is sometimes with listening, what could be, and they jointly decides what to do? Why but Pistorius missed this completely natural impulse? In addition he will have around then moves to the bed (still without dentures), to bring the underlying gun.

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