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Hope at Artieda 2011



These children worked in subumanas conditions and received about fifty cents for kilo incinerado coal, each one produced in 12 working hours about 7 kilos, to the end of the day received three Reals on average and fifty cents, this when they did not make ' ' hour extra' ' arriving to work up to 20 hours without stopping to eat or to go to the bathroom, not that it had one for &#039 there; ' funcionrios' '. Our as observing, or better, observing one she was a person who could move and very the life of the children who worked in that place. Nobody perceives its presence, the disguise was giving there certain, leaves that it searched the answers that she needed As soon as the group of children had arrived if it separates, therefore each one occupied a function in the coal bunker, some broke the coal, others carried to the giant ovens, others was next to the ovens stops to replenish them with coal and ones still they carried the incinerado pure black dust. Anasa fed the oven number three of the coal bunker, the oven was inside of one of mini adobe large cabins, inside was very hot there, it was not imported with the heat, therefore it very liked to see the dance of the flames to if launching coal, the form as it grew, the domain of the red on the orange per few seconds, precious seconds. Anasa thought very, on this day mainly therefore was anniversary of its mother, it remembered the mother very of as it sang, of its I smell of flower and its skill to read Its mother is one of the few people whom they knew to read in that region, all worked or in the harvest of orange or the coal bunker, and the children started to work very early, arriving never to frequent a school. Anasa dreamed in learning to read, its mother it leaves only one thing: the book, was not a book any, was ' ' Livro' ' , the book that its mother read all the nights until it to close the eyes and to dream. Its dream was to learn to read, to embark in the fancy of books, where the dreams if they carried through, where the money not valley nothing, where if it can be happy, where if can be child Julio broke the black dust rocks to be incineradas more easily, work tired the manual it very but the least it did not have that to feed the ovens what it was good, therefore the heat close to the ovens was insuportvel. It liked music very, mainly of classic music. Landmarks the owner of the coal bunker all heard classic music the day and in the highest volume. Julio obtained to hear the touchs of the piano, light in the first compasses of music, as the touchs if intensify in elapsing of the cigana waltz the beatings of the heart of the boy if they fortify, if they speed up, if they get passionate Julio dreams in being pianista Ours second observing already finds answers the sufficient, and these answers would forever change the life of all in that coal bunker. Chapter 3 Hope In few instants the afternoon would arrive at the end, the sky was dyed in different tones to see

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