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Conclusion One concludes that the subject of the corruption has been associated to the leaderships of the legislative chambers, to the executive, the judiciary one and the Senate, for considering that the actions leave of them, but all have family, all had been to the school and all had heard some segment or belong to […]

Modality Service Daily


Today, nobody supports more the Varied incabveis Stated periods Taxes, the bel pleasure of the Operators, but as it was said, assented for the Law. Such practical is unjustifiable, mainly, seen to the optics of the high weight of cost of the Brazilian telephony of Daily pay-paid. Such Stated periods, without a doubt, facilitate the […]



Used as tool of social inclusion, the capoeira can inhibit one of the great concerns that involve our youth today; the drugs. The consumption of drugs in the Country is very great does not have as to fight, it is arrived to cogitate the release of the same one in Brazil, as well as occurs […]

Megalmana Personality


Not even the greaters faras had demonstrated in such a way and so useless pride. As it is sad to see a man to give value what it would not have to give and to disrespect what would have to respect. the Arruda, remembers? Therefore it is read It still has somebody with dignity in […]

Political Parties


These political parties must apprehend the lesson, facing with courage and determination the challenge to restore the confidence between the citizen and the actor politician. having in sight that the next step that requires compatible practical solid and new bases with the disposals of new the proposal of the Constitution. It is not enough to […]

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