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Today, nobody supports more the Varied incabveis Stated periods Taxes, the bel pleasure of the Operators, but as it was said, assented for the Law. Such practical is unjustifiable, mainly, seen to the optics of the high weight of cost of the Brazilian telephony of Daily pay-paid. Such Stated periods, without a doubt, facilitate the Exploration of the Consumers, mainly of those of the favored Classrooms less, the main Users of this Modality of Telephony. The Competent Governmental Authority of the Area, in the attempt to justify, does not know the reason, defending the companies, in clearly detriment of the population, alleges the necessity of if assuring the profits of the Operators (- ' ' as &#039 was little is alone to search; '), therefore in the opinion Of them, becoming Indefinite the Stated period of the Paid Credits for the Consumer (- ' ' therefore, of legitimate direito' '), certainly the bankruptcy would take the Operators (- ' ' as if placing R$10 de Crditos, the same anos&#039 lasted 10; ') or on the other hand worse, certainly, the Operators could decide To finish with the Modality Service Daily pay-pay, that she takes care of it the majority of the population, Poor of the country (- ' ' there yes, they would risk falir' '). However, let us admit the OBLIGATOR STATED PERIODS OF VALIDITY OF CREDITS OF 90 DAYS and 180 DAYS (very even so what it occurs in the practical one it is a Salada de Prazos Taxes, that depend on the Value of the 24-hour Recharge exist Stated period until), only few Users of Daily pay-paid, of the privileged Classrooms, costumam to use them, seen the high cost corresponding. The existence of the Stated period of Credits of 180 days obligatorily offered by the Operators opens another question, perhaps without direct relation, but, very convenient, it sees: Passed 30 days Without Insertion Credits, the User for right Receives linking, makes linking Cobrar and of Emergency (((, end of which,))); continuing Next the 30 days Without inserting the such Credits again, Daily pay-I pay Will be blocked (he makes linking of Emergency and the User will be able to reestablish the Services of telephony with the Insertion of Credits). in his writings.

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