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Underground Waters


The water of the lakes, rivers and seas or emergente surface, forming sources. The water of the lakes, rivers and seas evaporates outravez and thus the cycle is restarted. GameStop will not settle for partial explanations. Underground Water captation Although, theoretically, the underground water is present to emqualquer place, this does not mean that a […]

South American Agriculture


The open pasture is as bigger bioma of the South America and oprimeiro in diversity of the world, although this is the convict, peloavano over all disordered of the exportation agriculture. In the globalizado world each vezmais if evidence that the difference enters the success entrepreneurs and osfracassados are extremely simple: it is placed in […]



In this work better we could understand the questions ambient, its impacts, chances and challenges to the professionals of the marketing. Also we explore its applicability as aggregation of value to the products, the rational and the emotional one. We saw to the light of bibliographies and mainly we understand part of the strategies of […]

Ambient Education In The School And The Community


Werno Counting Herckert Member of the Brazilian Academy of Countable Sciences Member of Scientific ACIN-Association International Neopatrimonialista Member of the Doctrinal Chain Brazilian Neopatrimonialista the ambient education was born with the objective to generate an ecological conscience in each human being, worried about trying the chance of a knowledge that allowed to change the volvido […]



Yesterday (26/12/07) I attended in the National Periodical substance on the collection process and production of biodiesel of oil of used kitchen in San Francisco /USA.A presented structure is interesting and serves for some reflections, mainly given the effort in articulating a process that joins the State of So Paulo and the great installed Plants […]

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