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African Countries


The world-wide negotiations to extend the Protocol of Quioto suffer an impasse. In accordance with Leaf, the African countries had paralyzed the main session of negotiations if retirarando in protest, alleging that the rich countries wanted to kill the agreement. The protocol compels about 40 rich nations limiting the carbon emissions. Been published that the […]

The Constitution


The indians, its communities and organizations are real parties in interest to enter judgment in defense of its rights and interests, intervined the Public prosecution service in all the acts of the process. To the federal judges it competes processing and judging: the dispute on aboriginal rights. Art. 67. The Union will conclude the landmark […]

Saint Antonio


The bamboo is composed two-piece main, the underground part and the aerial part. The underground part is composed of rizomas and roots. Rizomas is responsible for the vegetative propagation of the bamboo and the roots are responsible for the captation of water and nutrients, existing two main types of rizomas of underbrush (paquimorfo) and forest […]

Water Department


Collating the results of the research of Basic Sanitation (1970 the 2007) referring the water supply, with the gotten data, evidenced an increase of 41% in the number of total linkings in this interval of time. In this way, it is important to stand out that ' ' the number of supplied residential economies was […]



In this work better we could understand the questions ambient, its impacts, chances and challenges to the professionals of the marketing. Also we explore its applicability as aggregation of value to the products, the rational and the emotional one. We saw to the light of bibliographies and mainly we understand part of the strategies of […]

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