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Plush sofas, heavy curtains, thick pillows and other dust collector has been omitted deliberately. Can I go eat at food allergies? Especially those food ingredients can make life difficult allergy abroad. To avoid complications, sufferers should from the phrasebook in the language find out the food on which they allergic, and add the term “Allergy” in the local language. The allergy pass should be written preferably in English or in the language. In an apartment, it’s easy to make foods that are not tolerated, away. In a hotel or a resort that can be even more difficult. Some hotels have set but now very well to the needs of people with food allergies and cooks and kitchen staff are well informed.

Often, gluten – free and lactosefreie meals can be prepared on request or the individual items on the buffet are marked accordingly. Some hotels have also a special allergy-free card”, which separately has dishes without the most common allergens (nuts, eggs, milk, soy, wheat flour). What do I need if I must take medication due to the skin disorder or an allergy? All drugs that are regularly taken or intended for emergencies, are not in the suitcase, but in a well and quickly accessible pocket or in your hand luggage. Some medications for allergies to diminish the attention and driving ability. Just driving a car in a foreign country requires”but often more concentration and attention than in domestic fields. A high-dose cortisone therapy may affect the travel vaccination vaccination success. How do I find a hotel that has adjusted to the needs of people suffering from allergies? Little by little, rethinking takes place in the tourism industry.

The allergic guest”becomes the theme in European hotels. No wonder because in a so widespread and more chronic disease such as the allergy it can certainly also lucrative be on this new set the clientele receives the millions. So far, however only very few hotels that are known, that they provide for the needs of people with allergies. Special accommodation in Germany are mainly in Bavaria, known on the North and Baltic seas. In Austria and in the Switzerland the high mountain climate can affect positively the symptoms. Around the Mediterranean, Sun, salt water, and the different periods of flowering allergenic plants are beneficial. Where can I present my offer as a hotelier? The new Internet portal for holiday for to allow a relaxing holiday the affected both the holiday party to help develop a new customer base. Here you can find allergy – in addition to the latest Allergy News – accommodations themselves have adjusted to their needs. Here can imagine hotels, guesthouses and provider of apartments, which have set up appropriate premises, and present a new clientele. Selected holiday and city hotels, apartments and Bed and breakfast in Germany and other European countries, have installed themselves to the needs of people suffering from allergies, see cooperates, inter alia with the Neurodermitis Bund e.V. German holiday for the Internet portal

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