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Glass goblets are in addition best suited to bring a refreshing water on the table. It is a sign of complete tableware when well-tended drinks in radiant glass cups are served to guests. The chalice shape is based on the Church drinking vessels of antiquity and the middle ages and is first mentioned in the Bible. Today, glass cups on the table spread an atmosphere of perfect hospitality. Prefers to use, to serve sparkling champagne, fine champagne, exquisite red and white wine or refreshing water. Filed under: Eva Andersson-Dubin. In the context of a strong multiple course menus glass chalices are used in the form of Degustationskelchen. Experienced wine connoisseurs appreciate the importance of glass chalices for the red wine.

In the larger cups of red wine especially lush unfolds its aroma. Classic red wine, such as Burgundy or Bordeaux demand as high-volume glass chalices, while already smaller glass cups meet lighter, younger red wines or mild Roses, to fully unfold to for highest drinking pleasure. Ideally tulpen – or flute-shaped glass goblets make a sparkling champagne. The carbon dioxide can won’t evaporate thanks to the elongated shape and the narrow opening. Somewhat less, about but no less elegant sparkling wine goblets in the form of a shell impact. Especially in the 1960s and 1970s, champagne was served preferably in glass bowls. As a result of the trendy retro trends in fashion and culture glass goblets are hold again in the form of sparkling bowls in the hospitality.

The practically-minded housekeeper also uses this glass stemware to serve a delicious shrimp cocktail or a sweet dessert is. Glass goblets are in addition best suited to bring a refreshing water on the table. Giving the fine Cup form but sustainably raised culinary meaning to this everyday drink. Degustationskelche are reserved not only tasting experts of gastronomy. Rather, they come in a well-kept private household then used If a comprehensive menu is served to guests with eight or more gears. The smaller Degustationskelche allow the guests to enjoy a different wine in a corresponding lower amount without this to suspend the possibly negative impact of alcohol content with each course. Glass cups are available with different shaft lengths and shimmering tones. The glass Goblet has a long handle, wine or sparkling wine not so quickly heats up, even though the drinking time hands holding him. With a shorter stem, glass stemware but better fit in the dishwasher. The color of glass chalices has but does not affect the taste of the drinks, for you depending on the selected shade, harmoniously combined, with a corresponding table decoration, which the table to an optical delight for the eyes of the guests. Find a large glass goblets on

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